To all those in healthcare...

I can't post this video on here. You'll have to check out the link.
(If it doesn't link directly to the video, and goes to the main Lifeflight page, then look at the bottom right and click on "Michael's Story".)

Those of you who really, really know me or have known me for my whole life know that I've had two major dreams in my life. (Well, three if you count my wanting to be Miss America). My first dream started around age 4 and that was to be an emergency room physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. That lasted until I was about 16 and I got to thinking that perhaps becoming a nurse practitioner would be easier on my time, so my dream shifted to wanting to be a nurse practitioner in the trauma unit at Vandy.

I haven't achieved either of those dreams, yet. I have achieved the wonderful dream of becoming a nurse and marrying the love of my life and having a wonderful child. I will take those last two anytime over anything else. And from time to time I have done other things that I loved immensely besides being a nurse.
But my heart has always belonged to the world of medicine and to Vandy. I was there a few weeks ago and got those same old feelings. Is medical school a possibility at some point in my life - with a family - and where God would have me? Who knows. These days I am taking it one day and step at a time. Which, for those of you who really know me, (like the hubbs and my mom) you know that it's very hard for me to be a one day at a time kind of girl. I am always dreaming big and pondering what next big thing life will bring or God will have me to. But most days I am teachable, and He is teaching me.

I just happened to be on the Vandy Lifeflight website today. Those people are some of the best around. I have been in the ER of a small local hospital and we've needed to call them many times. I've even worked with and went to nursing school with a couple of the great nurses on the Lifeflight team. In Middle Tennessee, the Lifeflight nurses are the best nurses around.

All of that said, I ran across the link I posted at the top. If you are a nurse or a doctor or in the taking care of patients side of health care then this will probably make you cry and those tears will have the same emotion in them that only a nurse or doctor or paramedic can understand. If you are not in the world of health care, then I'm sure this will encourage you to know that there are people out there who put their hearts out there everyday to take care of others.

So, after a few years outside of the nursing world. I am back in it. I am at a small hospital, but I couldn't have picked a better place to start back out. The people I am working with are top notch. I am loving every minute of it, and so thankful that my husband is so supportive of my dreams and that God has provided for us in so many ways.

Please watch the three videos on the page that you will come to. And next time you get the chance, thank a doctor, nurse, or paramedic.

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