A little of this and a little of that

The weekend for us was great! We were back at Crosspoint this week and even got to meet some new faces. Tonight we are going to the Group Link event. This is a place for us to connect with a small group (called Life Groups). We are excited about continuing to meet new people and slowly (as slow at Jesus will let us!) get involved. We know we need to rest for awhile, but we also feel God's leading. We are praying and listening and trusting daily and we know God will lead us to something good and I also believe there will be some amazing adventures along the way!

Yesterday we went to the park and then to lunch with some dear friends of ours. We had a blast! We are still learning to deal with the boy's diabetes when we go out to things like that, but I think yesterday was a pretty "normal" day. We didn't make a big deal of the diabetes when it came meal time and we even broke down and let him have a small part of an iced cupcake. All the other kids ran up and got their dessert and the look on my boy's face was pitiful as he said "please mom, can I have a dessert too?" And then he wanted the cupcake with icing! The hubbs and I chose to let him have a small part of it and knew that we'd be keeping an eye on his sugar for the rest of the day. We expected him to get really high, but he stayed on track all day! Except he was a little bit low (86) at bedtime. So we had to treat him for that and then of course he was through the roof (340) at 2 am. Sometimes I just cringe when I go to read his meter and other days I breathe a sigh of relief. So far today is good. Numbers are good, attitude is good, and school is going well. So far...

Saturday, I started reading an amazing book. It's called Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. This book is so great that I literally can't put it down. Here is just one amazing thing he writes:

"The truth about god is why study and discussion and doctrines are so necessary. They help us put words to realities beyond words. They give us insight and understanding into the experience of God we're having. Which is why the springs (another part of the book you'd have to read) only work when they serve the greater cause: us finding our lives in God. If they (doctrine) ever become the point, something has gone seriously wrong. Doctrine is a wonderful servant and a horrible master".

This book is so speaking to me. We Christians and our churches so get it wrong sometimes.

The family and I had an interesting time of worship last night on the couch watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. Let me say that we went through all the emotions of awe and amazement and sadness and laughter as we watched nature and animals on the TV. And to think that God is behind it all! As we laughed and watched in awe, I realize we were worshiping. One of those "stop and smell the roses" kind of moments we rarely allow ourselves. Those moments we chose to keep pressing on to complete our to do list and don't take in the wonder of something, we are missing an opportunity to worship and commune with God. And if we don't worship, the rocks will.

Tomorrow I will be singing at the funeral of a dear friend who went to be with Jesus this weekend. I wrote about her here a few days ago. Please say a prayer for her family.

And in conclusion, I have lost my glasses. I had them on Thursday night and then couldn't find them as I was leaving to go to the eye doctor on Friday. I still haven't found them. So, my computer days will be numbered if I can't find them. I know I need to turn my house upside-down...but I am so afraid of what I will find!

Jesus peace to you today!

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Peter said...

Is Rob Bell the guy from the videos you used to show us? I like that guy.