This week the hubbs and I have decided to really begin to honor God with our bodies by going on a detox from horrible and unhealthy foods. We plan to make this our lifestyle, but this week we are eating extremely healthy to cleanse our bodies of yuck.

Here's today's meal:

Steamed greens seasoned with onions and salt and pepper
Baked portabella mushrooms topped with spinach and mozzarella
Organic multi-grain toast topped with garlic and cilantro butter (my concoction)

Tomorrow it's steamed cabbage and homemade cabbage soup.

We are also eating throughout the day raw and fresh fruits and veggies and making sure to keep hydrated with purified water.

Here's to healthy eating!

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Melissa S. said...

yay for you. Bill and I are doing Dr.Asa Andrews Empowering Your Health diet. It's lots of veggies and fruit and lean proteins, good quality fats. Bill has lost almost 15 lbs in 2 weeks! I've only lost 6, but i'm working out also. I'm telling myself it's because i'm gaining muscle.:)
We are also trying to respect the amazing miracle of our bodies and how they were designed to be fueled.But I still want to eat donuts and french toast! Good luck to you guys!