Today I introduced the boy to the coffeehouse life. We were really needing to break the monotony that can sometimes come with homeschooling (so I'm learning). I am not a homebody. While I love being with my family all the time, I like to be out doing and seeing. It's just my personality. The hubbs is different, so we have to find a balance.

So I took the boy down the street to a coffeehouse. There I taught him the fine art of chillin' - sit in big comfy, over-sized chairs, drink coffee (me, not him), read, write, or listen to your iPod. Ah...a nice little getaway from the house for an hour.

So, I found my glasses! Yay! I also finished reading Rob Bell's "Velvet Elvis". It is fabulous. I recommend you read it. I have noticed a lot of criticism about Rob on the internet in regards to what he writes being "anti-Christian" or such and such. Please remember that intelligent people do not read or hear something from someone and just take it as law. You must weight it and test it and experience it. Even Jesus didn't just command people to follow him (ok, well, maybe the original disciples, but more than likely they had heard of him or they had listened to John the Baptist and they knew the scriptures - at least the first few books of the Bible as all Jewish young people were required to...memorize). Jesus invited people to know him and love him through experiences.

So, I am listing some though-provoking sites below. But, I must warn you. I don't necessarily endorse all of what these people say. Their viewpoints on everything aren't necessarily my viewpoints. I read or hear and then I think and pray and read what the Bible has to say and then I study (customs, lifestyle of the times, the original Greek and Hebrew words) and then I begin to shape my thoughts. Many times my thoughts are shaped by the experiences of those around me or myself.

So, please keep that in mind when you go to some of these sites and think "what in the world?"..."Paige is crazy".. or anything else you might be tempted to think. Think for yourself about these things and talk to God about them. Don't let mine or anybody else's view become your view just because. I told my youth when I was a youth pastor that I didn't want them to take what I said as truth just because I said it. I told them I would do the very best I could to present God's word to them in all truth and purity, but they needed to follow up too. They needed to make their faith and their beliefs their own...not just follow because I said so. Jesus wants all of us because we love Him and want to spend time getting to know Him, not just out of obligation.

Just a few good places to go...maybe more to come later.

Rob Bell - Mars Hill

Craig Groeschel-Life Church
Marcus Borg
Andy Stanley
Phyllis Tickle
Shane Claiborne
Louie Giglio
Lauren Winner

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Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Hey Paige! Thanks for the links here, I always enjoy checking new stuff out.