Nick Jonas and Diabetes

Well, the news is in. Today's visit to Children's Hospital's wonderful pediatric endocrinologists have resulted in them telling us that Big Red is ready for the insulin pump!!! This is much awaited news for us as the pump will give him much more control over his diabetes and much more freedom. We were a little shocked that we were told we could do it this early (he was just diagnosed in June), but doc said his blood sugars are looking great and he's ready.

So we come home and make all the calls to the grandparents to tell them the good news. In talking with my precious father-in-law, he was telling of something he was listening to just today talking about just how close we may be getting to truly finding a cure for diabetes. Matthew asks me all the time when they are going to find a cure.

In keeping with that, I want to tell you of a great thing that is coming up in the world of diabetes and our life. It's the annual "Step Out For Diabetes" Walk sponsored by the American Diabetes Association.

The above link is a link to our team page. We are raising money for the walk and the money goes into helping find a cure for the millions of people living with diabetes everyday. We'd love for you to consider donating even just a few dollars to our team on behalf of the cause. We will having a yard sale at our home in a couple of weeks and that money will also go toward our diabetes walk.

We support the ADA and we hope that you will too! Remember, diabetes can affect anyone, so eat right, exercise, and get regular check-ups.

And one more thing...our favorite celebrity diabetic of the moment is Nick Jonas. Our family cannot say enough great things about the positive role model of him and his brothers. Check them out!


Mom/Nana/Lisa said...

Speaking of those phone calls...I am so glad that Matthew could not see me doing the happy dance about the pump! He still thinks I'm a little cool...wouldn't want to change his mind to soon!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Paige, this is great information, I'm going to check it out.

Paige said...

Good luck with your walk, Paige, and more importantly, with the pump. That's an exciting step!