God is like the dentist...

Since I am having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, I thought this blog post I ran across was most appropriate.


Sometimes we treat God like the dentist, it says. This made me sad because I try to avoid the dentist at all costs. I hope that tomorrow will be a turning point for me with the dentist... and with God.

So I am not sure when I will feel like posting again- maybe when the cheeks aren't as swollen.



Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I'll be thinking about you Paige! If it helps any, mine wasn't bad at all when I had it done :)

Anonymous said...

neither was mine. seriously, this procedure is so much easier than it was in the dark ages when our parents had to get theirs yanked out with pliers or whatever. promise!

and i always find that it's easier for me to blog when i feel like poop. nothing else to do, right? :)