Diabetes Walk

Today was our walk for diabetes at UAH. Most of our family was able to come walk with us which totally blessed my heart! They all had to drive several hours to be here with us. We had a great day of fellowship with family.

We started by going to church at The Bridge. Our brother-in-law and his wife have begun to build this body of believers. We are excited for them and just know God is doing a great thing over there in Huntsville! We were blessed to be able to worship with them today. We felt the freedom to worship and the presence of God in that place (and they meet in a school!!). John (our brother-in-law and the pastor) talked to us about the walls we all can build. Powerful and insightful. Then we all went back to their house for lunch!

When it was time for the walk, we all headed over to UAH for the walk. We met Cole's parents and my dad there. We all got to wear t-shirts proclaiming our role in the cause to fight diabetes. The boy was given a different shirt. After all this walk was in his honor. His shirt said "Find a cure for diabetes. My life depends on it". Wow - that tugged at this mama's heart. It's still hard to believe my baby has diabetes.

We walked most of the way. Aunt Jo and Aunt Joy power-walked the entire way and looked fabulous when they were done! Good job ladies! Aunt B carried the boy's backpack all the way. It was pretty heavy since it was loaded down with all our diabetes stuff. Thanks, Aunt B! Our team was made of our family. All together (online and with other donations) we raised right at $800!!! I am so happy we were able to help in even just a small way to find a cure for diabetes.

A surprise during the walk was some great (and recently engaged friends of ours - congrats!!) were in town and they stopped by to cheer us on during the walk. It's great to have friends you can count on through thick-and-thin. These are those kind of friends.

On the way home, we took a quick pull-through McDonald's and the boy asked: "Mommy and Daddy, when they find a cure and I take it, can we come back and get me a McFlurry?".

Yes, son. McFlurries for everyone!


Jill said...

Aunt B was very proud to carry Matthew's backpack!

I also want to tag along on that McFlurry trip if we ever reach that day!

Tell Matthew Aunt B loves him...and his mommy and daddy too!!!!!!!

The Kelly's said...

I am so glad that ya'll had such a special day. I can only imagine your 'mommy moment'- it teared me up thinking about it!

I hope that you are feeling better and your pain in subsiding. I love reading your blogs!