Well, tomorrow my boy goes back to school. First grade seems so old! He's changed so much this past year since we walked him up the sidewalk toward kindergarten. He's grown taller (much taller). He's smarter (and more smart-mouthed, but he gets that from me). He can read and add and subtract. He even programed the channels on the TV in the youth room once much to my amazement. My child is amazing. I take no credit for that. I'll give credit where credit is due and thank my most awesome and loving God for blessing me with such a wonderful son. He gets his stubborness and big mouth from me. He gets his genius from his dad.

Tomorrow we go back to school with something that we didn't have last year - diabetes. I can't sleep tonight, knowing that he won't be with me every moment tomorrow like he has been all summer. The hubs is pretty shook up too. See we adore that little smart mouth, genius, red-on-the-head. I am praying for God to give peace to my precious hubby as he goes off to work tomorrow. I will be around the school for the better part of the day as we get the teachers and school nurse acclimated to his diabetes care.

Oh, Lord may you protect his precious little body and health tomorrow as he is off without me. May you guide the hands, minds, and hearts of all of his teachers, coaches, and principal. May you bring comfort and peace to me and the hubby as we give such important and heavy control of the most precious thing we have over to others. May you be with everyone as we start school tomorrow. We give you the praise and glory! Amen!

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