The Bathroom Blues

So we bought a fixer-upper when we bought our house. Got it at a great price in a good neighborhood and the potential to resell at a much higher price than we paid for it. So, the hubbs and I are pretty much DIY with this fixer-upper and we are, well, busy folks. So we are working tirelessly on the front bathroom. We have two really nice vanities sitting out in the garage ready to be put in, but first we must remove wallpaper, fill holes, sand, put down flooring, and paint. I can't wait to get this house like I want it. I will tell you that I really can't bring myself to have people over because of the state it's in. The hubbs tells me I have a vanity problem and I really do talk to Jesus about that on a daily basis. Now that I will be staying at home with Big Red, I hope to get some stuff done on this house. Here are some pics so you can see why I can't invite any of you over!

Jesus peace,


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Looks like you've got your hands full. But no worries, no one will mind the mess!

Lisa said...

Well, in all honesty...you do have a vanity problem. They are sitting in the house and not installed in the BR! (I am so proud of myself for thinking this up on my own!) Nobody comes to see the house anyway so don't worry.