So the other day Matthew and I were working on some summer school work. You know that whole statistic that kids lose 2/3 of what they learn during summer vacation prompted me to buy a first grade readiness book at the beginning of summer. Well, the first week of summer he was diagnosed with diabetes and we've been trying to catch up with ourselves ever since.

The past few days have been much better and we are starting to find our new "normal". So we finally pulled out the workbook and we were working on some pages. My sweet little red-head who is most definitely 6 going on 26 said out of the blue,

"Mom, nobody can tell me what to read or what to say".
I reply, "Yes, buddy. That's right. Where did you hear that?"
To this he replies, "Well, mom, that's democracy"!

I must say I had that momma moment where I thought, oh yes, my son is the most brilliant little boy ever. So we sit a few more minutes working on the workbook. Me reveling in one of those great moments of parenthood as I think that I have truly given birth to the boy genius who will grow up to do mighty things!

After a bit he jumps up and runs across the room holding himself and says,

"Mom, I have to go potty really bad".
To which I reply, "Well, go ahead son".
He moves out of my sight, but quickly his head pops around through the den door and he says,
"Mom, if I have to pee on a tarantula I will let you know".

To this, I had no reply.

There went my boy genius...down the hall to pee on a tarantula.


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