Day One at the Monastary

Ok, catching everyone up...

I arrived at the monastery just in time for dinner. One of the sisters met me and showed me around. What a quiet, relaxed place. Dinner was simple - egg noodles, Swedish meatball, zucchini, and water - but it was delicious and filling. I took only a small portion of each and finished my plate feeling satiated, but not stuffed.
After dinner I made my way to my room to get settled in. I came with only the bare necessities, not even bringing make-up, and only wearing my wedding band.
After introducing myself to my room I decided to go for a walk on the grounds. They were beautiful. It's as if I could hear the flowers and the trees and the grass crying out to their maker "Holy, Holy, Holy"! I walked the Stations of the Cross which is always a very moving experience. Then I stumbled upon a stone labyrinth. There had been no mention of one in anything I read or was told and it was a delightful discovery. I had to walk it.
Some may look at a labyrinth and wonder how in the world it could help you on your spiritual journey. Let me share my experience with you. As I began to walk, I immediately thought to myself "Why did I come this weekend"? My heart and mind began to open themselves up to all of those possibilities - to be still, to grow closer to God, to rest, to be quiet, to de-stress, to confirm some things, to pray, and so on.
As I walked the labyrinth I noticed how it doubled back over itself leaving me back where it seemed I had started. Other times I found I was so far from where I began. A couple of times I tried to see where my path was going to end while I was still trying to get there and far from the finish. Once I even thought about not finishing.
But as I continued to walk I began to take in the sounds and smells and I was transported back to the truly happy times of my childhood - playing outside at my Maw Maw's house. Life was simpler then. Then my mind turned to my hubby and son. I thought of how much I love them and how blessed I am and how happy they make me. Truly happy like when I was playing in Maw Maw's yard without a care in the world.
This made me want to give away our TVs and buy a porch swing. First I would need a porch, but I want to slow down and relax with my family. Perhaps God is leading me somewhere with this.

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She's So There said...

I think so many times my personal struggle is realizing that in stillness God works His best communications to me....and being still is a learned skill for the high energy girl. I am glad you took time for you, your life is so full and the needs of us all around you so high.