So many things....So little time...

So much has happened in the past few weeks that I haven't even had time to write about it all. First, there was a birthday weekend for Big Red's 6th birthday. We went up to Nashville to The Rainforest Cafe because he loves to eat there. I thought he was going to crawl under the table when they came out with the cake singing "Happy Birthday" but he looked at me and said, "I'm good mama". 6 years old - he's so grown up. I told him the other day that I loved him even when he was bald and toothless. He didn't have much hair on his precious head for the longest, but his eyebrows were flaming orange. I mean they almost glowed in the dark. It was the most amazing thing to me and Cole for he was ours and we loved him so. We still go nuts over that kid. I can't imagine our life without him.
Then there was Senior Recognition Sunday at our church. I am a youth minister and I love what I do. However, this time of year is quite sad. We must say goodbye as another class of wonderful teenagers grow into adults and leave us as they move on the write the next chapter of our lives. This class was particularly special. There were kids who'd been a part of the youth group the whole time I've been there, some who've not been very active for reasons, but still hold a special place in my heart, and even one who came in just a few months ago, who we've all come to know and love so dearly. I blubbered like a big 'ol baby during recognition in both services. I love all of "my" kids with all of my heart. I am so proud of all of them, but so sad to see them journey on. Still, I wish them only the best. We played the song "Lifesong" by Casting Crowns during the senior slide show. I told them the best advice I could give them was to let their life song sing for Jesus.
The next day my baby boy graduated from Kindergarten. My heart was so tender as I watched he and his daddy walk toward the school building. I lagged behind taking it all in and remembering the day i held him for the first time. I thought of all the tears I have wiped and scrapes I have kissed. I thought of all the times I've brushed his angelic red hair and kissed his fat sweet little cheeks. I love that kid so. As we got to his room to get his cap and gown on, he told me he could do it himself. It broke my heart. I had to hold it together, but I said, "please let mommy do it today because you will do it the next time all by yourself". I think God could feel the tenderness of my heart because my baby said ok. Of course I took my time. I was quite pleased with myself that I held it together quite well during the ceremony, but I did see tears in his daddy's eyes.

My family makes me GLOW with the love of Christ!

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