Well, today is my birthday. Ever since I was like 13 I've always woken up on my birthday hoping to feel that "thing" that makes you older. I've since learned that you never really feel that special feeling. I absolutely love birthdays and parties and celebrations. When I was younger we never made a huge deal about birthdays. My mom always made us feel special, and I know she worked hard to get us gifts. Still, for some reason, I always wanted someone to throw me this huge, grandiose surprise party. I'm sure that makes me somewhat narcissistic or selfish or something. I'll have to talk to Jesus about that one! But, alas, I live in a house of boys who would rather crawl under a rock than have anybody make a big deal out of them and they aren't the party throwing type. I even think I'd want it "Wizard of Oz" themed. Isn't that crazy? Maybe one day, my grandchildren will throw me a surprise party and I'll still have some teeth to eat the cake!
Let me say that I love throwing parties and celebrations probably more than I like to have them thrown for me. My husband used to joke that I would even leave the mail person gifts at Christmas. As I think about parties and celebrations, I can't help but think about how God rejoices and sings over us. The scripture says that when even one person comes to Him all of heaven rejoices - over just one person. We are so special to God that He celebrates us and our uniqueness and specialness and beauty. He made us the way we are and He doesn't make mistakes! I'm quite sure that God would throw me a "Wizard of Oz" themed surprise party if He could. Maybe one day in Heaven....


PS - Are you glowing today?

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